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Carved from solid wood, the KARV Valet Stand brings a bold new look to the timeless valet stand design.
Carved from solid wood, the KARV Valet Stand brings a bold new look to the timeless valet stand design.
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Crafted by hand from solid hardwoods, the KARV Valet Stand is a perfect marriage of elegance and utility. The hand-carved anatomically accurate shoulders provide the ideal shape to preserve the form of your tailored jacket. A trouser hanger keeps your crease crisp and allows you to view your ensemble to see exactly how a pairing will look for the next day.

Each piece is hand oiled to a luxurious and rich matte finish to retain the natural beauty and texture of the wood and stands as a utilitarian objet d’art to compliment the finest home or office décor. Each valet is made to order. Bespoke options, finishes and wood species as well as custom sizing are available upon request.

Wooden Cufflinks

KARV cufflinks combine the natural strength and aesthetic beauty of the word’s finest sustainable hardwoods to add a new level of sophistication to your look. Each set cufflinks is painstakingly sanded and finished with exceptional attention to detail and comes with it’s own custom jewel case carved from solid walnut.

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Each KARV product is made from select grade hardwood employing time-tested joinery and woodworking techniques.

No plywood or veneers are employed anywhere in the construction of our products. Each valet is constructed using mortise and tenon joinery. The shoulders are carefully sculpted by hand with an emphasis on stability of joinery and aesthetics. Up to five coats of hand-applied finish with a durable polyurethane topcoat.


At KARV, we follow the highest standard of environmental responsibility and ethical behavior when it comes to sourcing the hardwoods used in our hand-crafted wood products.

We only source our materials from select providers who adhere to sustainable practices in their foresting operations. We also take it a step further by using remnants from the production of other wood products where we can. These small and odd-sized pieces that would normally end up as sawdust or ashes, morph into works of art in the hands of our artisans.

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