The KARV Team

So much of today’s furniture is made almost entirely by machine using low cost and substandard materials. KARV was founded with the sole purpose of bucking that trend. KARV was founded by entrepreneurs from the furniture industry with the goal to provide reasonably priced, superior quality products on a consistent basis by using simple, modern designs and time-tested craftsmanship.

Since its founding, the team has expanded to include seasoned managers, design and marketing experts, and expert artisans. Each KARV valet is hand-made in the USA by one of our master artisans, led by Jacob Sorenson out of our Park City, UT studio.

Jacob Sorenson is an artist, designer, and furniture maker. Trained as a woodworking craftsman in the Pacific Northwest he later formalized his education with a Masters of Fine Arts degree from Virginia Commonwealth University in furniture design. Now in the mountains of Utah, Jacob exhibits work nationally that embodies his dedication to art, craft, and design. Jacob uses his skills to refine designs and make KARV products come to life. Jacob also designs the production methods and materials that make KARV products consistently exceptional.

As a team we focus on three major areas that set us apart from the status-quo:


Our designers and artisans employ the same aesthetic that produces fine paintings, sculpture and architecture. Each KARV product is carefully designed for optimal functionality and personality, while highlighting the inherent qualities of our select hardwoods.

The way we see it, either we let automated manufacturing and homogeneous design take over, or we stand up with chisels, rough hands, and an eye for detail to create something that’s out of this world.


Each KARV product is made from select grade hardwood employing time-tested joinery and woodworking techniques.

No plywood or veneers are employed anywhere in the construction of our products. Each valet is constructed using mortise and tenon joinery. The shoulders are carefully sculpted by hand with an emphasis on stability of joinery and aesthetics. Up to five coats of hand-applied finish with a durable polyurethane topcoat.


At KARV, we follow the highest standard of environmental responsibility and ethical behavior when it comes to sourcing the hardwoods used in our hand-crafted wood products.

We only source our materials from select providers who adhere to sustainable practices in their foresting operations. We also take it a step further by using remnants from the production of other wood products where we can. These small and odd-sized pieces that would normally end up as sawdust or ashes, morph into works of art in the hands of our artisans.